Sunday, 20 June 2010

Spring @ Trent Park

Been meaning to post these pictures for ages. This is how Trent Park looked like during spring! The scenery was so breathtaking, it became a hotspot for photographers.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

DAYTRIP! Windsor Castle, Roman Bath, Stoenhenge

Last Saturday I went on a tour to Windsor Castle, The Roman Bath and Stonehenge all in 1 day! I went with both my MMU friends, Farah and Dee. Only 1 word could describe the whole trip....BEAUTIFUL! Even the weather was perfect throughout the day. The whole trip only costs GBP53.28! u knw hw im a sucker 4 cheap stuff! ;p (there are sooooo many pretty pix, but I just uploaded some)

Windsor Castle



Thursday, 8 April 2010

I will follow himmm..follow him wherever he may goooooo~

Roun end of March, I went to see both Sister Act and Mama Mia musical theatre 2 nights in a row! =D Mama Mia was ok, but I really enjoyed Sister Act! It really reminded me of the movie. It was a different cast but it was a perfect portrayal of the real characters in the movie. EXACTLY the same! n it was hilarious too! Everyone were laughing their butts off the whole time. The theatre was fully packed! Mama Mia was fully packed too, but I guess I just loved sister act more. =)

Oh, n lately Ive been having loadza jobs as a Student Ambassador (Alhamdulillah). Working with kids aged 14 to senior citizens after 50s! Lets pray I'll get more n more jobs in the future coz I need the moneyyyyy! Ive also applied for a promotion as a Professional Student Ambassador where the pay is a bit higher but comes with a different level of work tasks. =)

Thorpe Park!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Thorpe Park! Thorpe Park is an amusement park with a whole buncha rides! Mostly scary rides. My friend, Zain was going back to Pakistan 4 good the next day. So this was like 'the last trip' in UK for him. Since Thorpe Park is in Surrey, we had to take the train to Staines and then take a shuttle bus straight to the park. We managed to get a discount for the train fare coz we were traveling in a group of 6. ChaChingg!$$ When we got there, we only had to pay half the price coz we had '2 for 1' entry vouchers! (double ChaChingg!$$) hahaha... So, ok...Zain, Iylia n I started off by going on the water slide~! it was awesome! got a lil wet tho~ but who cares =) there were sooooo many rides...n all looked very deadly! I wasnt too keen on getting on all the rides like I used to...mayb im getting old! but I did get on a few rides..just so I could scream my heart out (not AAAaaahhhhhhh!!...more like WooOOOhHHoooOOOO!) coz it has been awhile. Others didnt really bother to get on the rides except for Zain. He went on quite a few rides while others watched n took pictures. I suggested we went on a very 'kiddy' ride just so we could all ride in it 2getha n so we did. It was a ride along a very wavy river with all of us on the same 'boat'. So we ALL had fun! oh, n we had lunch at the pizza hut there where they had a 7.99 all u can eat buffet! =)

yes, thats me! 

Ma, mcm 'Grease Lightning' x? ;p